Tuesday, June 8, 2010

La Joie de la Mode Must Have: Sole Mate

Do you believe in soul mates? If you do or if you don't who cares! All you should care about is having the perfect heel on your favorite shoes. The AMAZING people at Sole Mates have created what fashionistas have been dreaming of since Carrie Bradshaw first step out of the cab wearing Manolo Blahnik's! Don't you hate when the heel on your shoe becomes worn out and you have to get them fix or else you'll be walk with a limp! Well for $9.95 you never have to worry about that. "The SoleMates High Heeler attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels. By increasing the surface area on the base of the heel, it reduces the pressure on this area and prevents the heel from sinking into grass or falling into cracks!" I am ordering mine now and you should too!

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