Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fashionista News: Givenchy Shocks!

YSL's creative director Stefano Pilati may have designed a unisex line for YSL’s Spring 2009 collection, however Riccardo Tisci designer of the luxury label Givenchy has just upped the creative ante. How you ask: well Tisci has cast Lea T.,28, (his longtime former assistant) — in his Fall/Winter 2010 ad campaign. Here is the kicker, Lea T. was previously known as Leo. Yup! She is transgender, but that isn't what I consider BANANA SANDWICH; it's the fact that's she's completely naked in that ad that is what is B.S!

Tisci loves and respects Ms. T. He told WWD. “She’s always been very feminine: super fragile, very aristocratic.” Both Tisci and Lea T know that people will see the ad as some sort of gimmick but its not; any Givenchy fan could tell you that. Tisci, himself believes this ad “exemplifies the masculine-feminine dichotomy that has become one of his design signatures.”

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