Friday, July 16, 2010

Fashionista News: Venting Store?

Umm... Venting store?
In Shenyang, China a mall has opened a women's only venting store! Quick question: how mad are the women in China that they need a venting store? Can't they just scream into a pillow, slam a door or just curse like American women?

The store is separated into different rooms and are filled with TVs, cell phones, plates and punching bags. Customers who are usually working women and college students come in the store and beat the rage out while wearing helmets and gloves. But the kicker is, the women only have one minute to vent. Sorry, I need more time then that! I need 10 minutes minimum and do they have a screaming room?

If they were to open a venting store in New York there would be lines out the door, as if it was the entrance to the Shake Shack!

[Image courtesy of People's Daily.]

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